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Tin Can Alley

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Garden Game: Tin Can Alley

Suitable for 2 years +

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Tin Can Alley has been designed with a striking and fun comic book styled graphics on one side and bright bold numbers on the other. The game is so versatile, being a good party game, wedding game or even just for a bit of fun on a wet Sunday afternoon.

This game really is fun for all the family as Adults and children will love this game. Older generations will relish the nostalgia of this game whilst teaching younger generations the rules.

The Waffle Blocks are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, they're wipeable and durable and will provide endless fun. The unique waffle design lets kids put them together and take them apart over and over!

How to Play

Stack the cans on a table or a garden wall.

- 4 cans in the bottom row

- 3 on top of the bottom row,

- 2 cans on top of the second row

- Finally 1 can at the very top.

Agree a place from the cans to stand and throw. This means that everyone knows where to stand when launching the beanbags. If multiple age groups are playing, you may want to make several lines; one further away for the older players.

Each player gets three throws.

After each player’s turn, jot down of the total score of all three throws – one point per can.

You can play this game as individuals or in teams. When everyone has had an equal number of goes, calculate scores.

The player/team with the highest score wins!

Product Contents:
  • 10 x Brightly Coloured Cans
  • 3 x Brightly Coloured Fabric Throwing Bags
Product Dimensions
  • 1x Can Height: 10cm
  • 1x Can Diameter: 6.5cm
  • Tower Height: 40cm
Key Benefits:
  • Fun for little kids to teens all the way up to adults
  • Educational value, maths and counting skills
  • Promotes practice of hand eye coordination

Price: From £10

Available Overnight for an extra £20

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass (Artificial)
Outdoors on Grass (Real)
Outdoors on Grass / Hard Surface Mix
Outdoors on Hard Surface
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