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Generator Hire

Generator Hire in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Newark, Chesterfield, and Derbyshire 🔄🔌

Looking for reliable power solutions for your event in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Newark, Chesterfield, or Derbyshire? Our Generator Hire service has got you covered! 🎉

Our generators can power your event seamlessly, whether it's a school field gathering, a community event, or any outdoor occasion. With our reliable equipment, you can ensure a continuous power supply to keep your event running smoothly. 🏕️

Key Features:

  • Generators ranging from 3 KVA to 6 KVA 🌟
  • Supplied with 1 full tank of fuel ⛽
  • Operate for approximately 4 hours without refueling ⏰
  • Multiple sizes available - contact us to discuss your power needs 💬
  • Public events require a fire extinguisher 🧯
  • Generators suitable for outdoor use only 🌳

Additional Information:

  • Require a secure area for overnight hiring (fencing and locked gates) 🚧
  • Backup generators recommended for uninterrupted power supply 🔋
  • 16amp plug usage - be prepared with suitable connectors and leads 🛠️

Contact us today to book your Generator Hire service and ensure a reliable power source for your upcoming event in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Newark, Chesterfield, or Derbyshire! 📞✨

Price: From £130

Available Overnight for an extra £20

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