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Superhero Bouncy Castle (15x15ft)

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Classic Marvel Superhero Themed Bouncy Castle

Grab your cape and bounce alongside your favourite comic book superhero's with our humongous Superhero Bouncy Castle!

Do we have any big kids out there...? it's adult friendly!

Delivery & Collection

Please visit our Delivery & Collection page for more information. As standard, our inflatable is available to hire in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Chesterfield, Derbyshire and Newark. If your location isn’t mentioned, please give us a call on 01623 594111 and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Setting up the Inflatable

All hired equipment will be delivered, fully set-up and inspected by our trained staff before the inflatables are left with our customers.

Power Supply

Our Inflatables require a standard household power supply and plug to operate. We provide 25m extension leads to connect to the power supply, we can also provide 50m extension leads with prior notice.

High Winds

No inflatable will be inflated in winds above 24 mph (38 kmph), which is Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale (small trees in leaf begin to sway). We will contact you before delivery or during your hire, should we need to.

Outside Hire

When using the inflatable outside, we need to use all the anchor points to secure the inflatable, this is usually done with metal ground stakes (380mm long and 16mm wide) with a rounded top. Please take this into account if you have artificial grass. If ground stakes cannot be used because of the surface (eg: tarmac) then we use ballast (sandbags) each weighing at least 163kg and will be positioned at each anchor point, we do charge additional for hard surface hires.

Price: From £95

1 day2 days3 days

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Available Overnight for an extra £20

 Floor SpaceHeight
Unit Size:15.7ft x 14.4ft15.1ft
Required Space:16ft x 16ft16ft
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass (Artificial)
Outdoors on Grass (Real)
Outdoors on Grass / Hard Surface Mix
Outdoors on Hard Surface
Shower Cover Included

User HeightMaximum Users

Age RangeSuitable

When hiring any of our inflatables:

GREENFROG will ensure that:

  1. the anchor points / sandbags are secure.
  2. the inflation tube is attached to the fan.
  3. all cables have been discreetly placed and are not causing any potential hazards
  4. the safety mats are in position. (these are not essential for grassed areas).
  5. the inflatable is safe and ready for use, before leaving.

USERS must not:

  1. wear shoes or glasses while on the inflatables.
  2. take any items onto the inflatable. (empty pockets).
  3. climb or hang on the walls or climb up the slide (if applicable).
  4. eat or drink on the inflatable (or take food/drinks onto the inflatable)
  5. use party pockets, silly string, or any other items similar whilst on the inflatable.


  1. understand that they are responsible for all users, not the company.
  2. make sure that users are following the 5 points mentioned above in the user section.
  3. ensure that the inflatable and users are always supervised.
  4. conduct regular checks of the anchor points are still secure.
  5. restrict the number of users on the inflatable at the same time.
  6. make sure that users do not exceed the height limit (keep older users separated from smaller ones).
  7. ensure all users using the inflatable as intended at all times.

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